Series 1 Technology

The Features that put the Series 1 Padded Ski Sock on the next level.


Anatomical Shin Pad

Developed by Physicians and Ski Professionals, this two-piece shin pad is a game changer. The double-sided 3-D design enables the shin to distribute large forces to the correct anatomical locations. No more shin-bang, heightened control, and increased blood-flow enable the skier to perform to their max and be more comfortable.


Curated Merino Blend

70% sustainably-sourced Merino wool, 16% Rayon from Bamboo, and 14% polyester and spandex for support. Nope. No corners were cut here.


Silicone Heel Grips

At the junction of the foot and leg, the heel is one of the least secured places in your boot, and any free movement of the foot during skiing decreases control. These fused silicone grips stabilize the heel, eliminating that problem.


Ideal Fit and Support

360° arch and ankle support, reinforced toe and heel boxes, and an anti-bunching calf cuff. These socks have all the gimmicks and will stand the test of time.

The New Standard of Ski Sock

Anything else is just a sock.